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TarotArts Presents the
Rinascimento Italian Style Art Collection

Discover a Collection of exquisite, thoroughly researched and refined Tarots. Expertly crafted in Limited editions by Rinascimento-Italian Style Art Collection. Edited by Giordano Berti. Packaging design by Letizia Rivetta.

Sola Busca Tarot 1491 - Golden Edition

A rare and beloved Jewel of the Italian Renaissance.

Mitelli's Tarot 1660

“A flight of fancy, a jewel of creativity, a perfect stylistic exercise”- Giordano Berti

Milanese Tarot by Dotti 1862

Edoardo Dotti’s Milanese Tarot is one of the jewels of European Tarot production in the 19th century.

Marseille Tarot of Hes 1750

In the Hes Tarot we recognize an absolutely autonomous and original style.

Vergnano Tarot 1830

This beautiful model, created around 1830, marks the beginning of the “Golden Age” of the Piedmontese Tarot.

Tarot de Besançon Miller 1780

A Limited Edition of a rare Tarot housed in the British Museum.

Mantegna-Ladenspelder Tarot 1540

One of the most enigmatic creations of Renaissance art.

The Sibyl of the heart

A jewel of Rosicrucian tradition with splendid images and meditative exercises.

Marseille Tarot of Lando 1832

A rare reprint of the Lando Tarot held at the Academy of Sciences of Turin.

Egyptien Tarot Schwaller 1926

This magnificent Egyptian-style Tarot was conceived in 1926 by the French theosophist René Schwaller de Lubicz

Perrin Tarot 1865

A deck of great artistic and esoterical value.

Tarot of Papus

A kabbalistic deck encompassing both cartomatic and esoteric traditions.

Oriental Tarot 1845

A faithful limited edition reprint of a rare, long lost, Taort held at the Academy of Sciences in Turin.