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Marseille Tarot of Hes 1750


Printed in Augsburg around 1750 by Johann Christoph Hes, this Marsigliese Tarot is an exciting chapter in the evolution of the Tarot.

The Hes Tarot maintains a unique and important spot in the history and evolution of the “Marsigliese” style Tarots. While remaining true to the symbolic elements of a Marseilles deck, the Hes Tarot is immediately identifiable as a unique and completely original creation. A striking feature is the smiling and carefree faces of the characters. Even Death and the Devil cards show characters are realized with a happy disposition.

This reproduction by Rinascimento Italian Style Art is absolutely faithful to the original, which is now held in the British Museum. All details including colors, dimensions and card backs are reproduced accurately and true to the existing deck. The deck was printed on special paper in a limited edition of 900 copies. Each copy is numbered and signed by Giordano Berti and comes with certificate of authenticity. The set is housed in a beautifully handcrafted two-piece Italian box designed by Letizia Rivettia.

Included is a booklet entitled Tarot in the German Countries from the 16th to the 18th Century, by Giordano Berti showing all the essential elements of this tradition. The booklet includes two appendices: Tarot Factories in Europe in the Eighteenth Century, showing the extraordinary spread of these cards in the Germanic area, and Mozart and the Tarot, where it tells the great musician’s passion for this game.

The Set also includes a leaflet with the divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and some methods of reading written by Giulia Orsini.

The Set is available in two different packages.  The Deluxe version comes in a book-shaped box covered in marbled paper, created by the art designer Letizia Rivetti and produced by expert Italian artisans.  The Standard Version comes in a two-piece telescopic box covered with the same marbleized paper.  

  • Publisher: OM Edizioni and Rinascimento Italian Style Art, Italy, 2018.
  • Curator: Giordano Berti
  • Limited edition: 900 numbered and signed copies.
  • Deck: 78 cards + 1 certificate of authenticity with edition number and signature of the editor
  • Card format: approximately 4.8" X 2.55"
  • Available in a Deluxe Book Shaped Box or a Two-Part Telescopic Box crafted with marbled paper and lined with red velvet.
  • Booklet: Giordano Berti in English. 36 pages; semi-rigid cover
  • Leaflet: Giulia Orsini. 8 pages with traditional divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and methods of reading in English.


    Rinascimento Italian Style Art is a creator, publisher and artistic team founded by historian of esotericism in art Giordano Berti and art designer Letizia Rivetti. The project is committed to historical study and reproduction of ancient Tarots, rare playing cards and oracular decks.



    Giordano Berti

    Giordano is a writer and historian of esotericism in Art, known throughout the world for historical studies on the Tarot and for the design of educational games

    Letizia Rivetti

    Letizia is an art designer, founder of ArtStudioLetizia,  creator of spectacular environments, art installations and art objects.

    Artist  Letizia Rivetti