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Urban Crow Oracle

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The Urban Crow Oracle is a splendid follow up to the Crow Tarot.  Perfect for those ready to explore and learn from these quirky and friendly magical creatures.

Known one of the most highly intelligent and fascinating creatures, crows have been know to make tools, recognize humans and learn from one another.  One of their most enduring traits is known as "Gifting" - leaving behind trinkets like keys, coins, beads or ear-rings believed by many as tokens of appreciation. In the Urban Crow Oracle MJ Cullinane beautifully captures their wise and quirky ways and allows the Crows to be our guides and inspiration with each card drawing on a specific emotion, idea, or lesson.

  • 54 Cards
  • 330 gsm cardstock
  • Cards Measure 3.5 X 5
  • Keepsake 2 piece box
  • Card size booklet
  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-friendly packaging (no Shrink-wrap)

Creator Margaux Jones (AKA MJ) is an award winning seattle-based artist, writer, and lover of all things magical - especially crows. She attended Parsons school of design, yet her unique technique for telling stories through digital collage is self-taught and has been her passion for over 10 years.

Nature and its creatures are a familiar theme is ML's work, however, having grown up in Boston her collages are heavily influenced by the energy of the city. Her work often merges the two worlds Her path into the world of Tarot was a beautiful accident that came out of a difficult time in her life. The process of creating the Crow Tarot helped her discover her own wings, though at the time she did not realize how life changing the project would become. She simply fell in love with the whole process and the messages and feeling each card evoked. The Crow , MJ's first published deck has achieved a significant following and recognition with crow lovers and the Tarot community including winning the 2019 CARTA award for best Tarot Deck and best illustrator of a Tarot deck.

When MJ isis not making are or writing she is spending time with her daughter, playing in nature, practicing magic, and finding new sources of inspiration.


Tarot Creator MJ Cullinane