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True Love Oracle By Belinda Grace


True Love Oracle cards will guide you to new levels of understanding, confidence and trust - they will shine a light so you can attract and create the love you desire.

Learn about what you truly need in relationships, what you long for and how to attract it into your life as you become more emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.

Imbued with healing energy and color, the cards have been channeled through the highest frequency by fine artist Lori Banks.


  • 36 Gilded-Edge Full-Color Cards approximately 3.5 X 5
  • 96-Page Book
How to Use

Like any good guide, these cards can lead you in a clearer direction and shine light into areas of your love life that seem perplexing or blocked. They are designed to give you clear, direct answers to your questions and offer realistic guidance for improving or transforming your current concerns. They can also help you understand your own personal relationship style, show you how to develop your strengths for attracting and maintaining a great relationship, explore patterns or beliefs that need reviewing and encourage you to trust your own intuition more.



BelindaGrace is a Clairvoyant Healer with 20 years of experience in her field. She is passionate about helping her clients and students to lead happier and healthier lives that inspire them and have meaning and purpose.


Lori Banks

Lori Banks has been a fine artist for the last 20 years, exhibiting drawings and paintings in various galleries throughout Victoria. Her channeled, spiritual art became integrated into her artwork after years spent dedicated to becoming her perfected self, working with love and forgiveness. She creates beautiful, detailed, spiritual pieces with healing energy and color, which are channeled through the highest frequency. They are full of light, angelic, powerful, and very sensitive. Lori is a 'bringer of the faith', helping people remember who they really are.