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The Wayfarer Tarot

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Margaret Shipman and Stacy Salpietro-Babb have created a classic Tarot deck updated with poignant refreshing modern-day images.  The death card features  a  dandelion at full bloom  just as parachuted seeds are blown away by the wind to start anew. This is a loving setting for the Death card transmitting the meaning as spiritual transformation and a time of change and new beginnings.  The Justice card is re-imagined as an empty high school hallway lined with lockers on each side of the wall. The image is instantly relatable to our own fears of walking the gauntlet of judgement. This deck is an excellent choice for readers that are looking for an alternative to the historic imagery of more traditional decks.  The cards be read  intuitively right out of the box, but users who want to form a  relationship with the cards and use them to  add to ones spiritual life through meditation, dream journeys, and magic will want to order the book also. 


Deck Story

Since 1999, Stacy had been wanting to collaborate with an artist to create a Tarot deck. She has had a lifelong fascination with Tarot cards, teaching herself to read cards without the help of any person, class or book. It was explained to her that "If you want to learn to read books, then read books. But if you want to learn how to read cards, then you have to read the cards." And so, she jumped into the magic of Tarot, learning from the cards. As much as Stacy enjoys reading cards, she found that she also had a love for teaching it to others.  She began to bring people through the journey through the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, teaching students how to form a relationship with the spirit of each card.

Margaret had always been interested in Tarot but learning about it in a meaningful way began for her in the spring of 2013 when she took Stacy's 78 Days of Tarot class. She found that she loved learning about the mysteries that the cards represent, and found hat she couldn't wait for each new day, to meet a new card. It was after that first class that Margaret asked if Stacy would be interested in collaborating on a Tarot deck. The two have been working together ever since, forming the ideas that would become the deck called The Wayfarer Tarot. Each card combines Stacy's vision for the meaning of the card and Margaret's visual interpretation.

The goal of the Wayfarer Tarot is to make this ancient oracle accessible for our modern times and to contribute to the ever evolving dialog surrounding the mysteries of Tarot.