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The Seed & Sickle Oracle and Guidebooks

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A Botanical Oracle deck the centers on the cycle of Sowing and harvest.
The cycle of sowing and harvest is one that we see reflected around us every day . . . there are times for productivity and there are times for rest. The Seed and the Sickle Oracle deck is designed to encourage reflection on both.  the Deck comes with two guide books;  Dawn and Dusk.  Dawn is perfect if you are starting a new project, building new relationships, or focusing on revealing yourself.  Use the Dusk guidebook for advise on how to best take care of your body and mind.
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  • 55 cards Measure Approximately 2.75" X 4.75"
  • Two 150 page full color guidebooks  "Dusk and Dawn"
  • Keepsake box with magnetic closure

Fez Inkwright

Fez Inkwright is a Bristol-based author and illustrator whose main passions lie in conservation, folklore, and tattoo design, with heavy occult and ethnobotanical themes. She focuses on the significance of parts of our ecosystems that are often overlooked, such as common weeds and hedgerow plants, and aim to raise awareness of their vital importance to the health of our planet.

Fez has authored and illustrated a number of books and cartomancy decks, primarily exploring the importance of plants and insects to the development of human culture and religion.

Author Fez Inkwright