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The Light Seer's Pocket Tarot


A conveniently-sized, lightweight version of Chris-Anne's acclaimed tarot deck now comes in a sturdy keepsake tin. Featuring her unmistakable, colourful artwork and meaningful messages, this pocket-sized edition of The Light Seer's Pocket Tarot is ideal for the modern mystic's spiritual itinerary. The Light Seer's Pocket Tarot takes the reader on a journey between light and dark, travelling the path of the Light Seer. The 78 cards each portray traditional and reimagined archetypes and symbols, inviting the reader to explore stories, ask questions, and uncover answers. Perfect to carry with you, this deck is a go-to for moments when illumination is called for.

  • Convenient keepsake tin
  • Card Size Approximately 2" x 3.5"
  • 192 page booklet

Chris-Anne is a deck creator, artist, and magic-maker, as well as a marketing strategist and owner of Pixelbrand--a branding and graphic design company. She has successfully Kickstarted three independent card decks: The Sacred Creators OracleThe Light Seer's Tarot, and The Muse Tarot, and she offers unique courses for creators that combine marketing and branding with manifestation and intuition.