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The Illuminated Earth Oracle Deck



The Illuminated Earth Oracle Deck features 63 cards features hand-painted and collaged designs that blend human experiences with the wonders of nature. Each card is thoughtfully created to provide insight on both practical and metaphysical issues. The deck also includes 12 figurative pieces that symbolize our human journey on Earth towards enlightenment. A 24-page booklet is also included, offering contemplative topics for each card.

  • 63 cards
  • sturdy 2-part box
  • 24-page booklet included in the box

Claire Mack

Claire Mack's art is a reflection of her inner experiences and life journey. Through her intuitive process, each piece comes to life, connected by the thread of her spirit and surroundings. Nature serves as a constant source of inspiration and healing energy in her work. Using a variety of materials such as paint, charcoal, paper, and fabric, she creates captivating and soothing visuals that resonate with viewers. Her portfolio includes the Illuminated Earth Oracle, the Faceted Garden Oracle, and the RainShadow Tarot, all featuring original hand-cut collages and acrylic paintings on paper.