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The Field Tarot


Created by artist and designer Hannah Elizabeth Fofana, The Field Tarot deck consists of 78 cards intended to act as intuitive tools that help navigate through life, relationships, meditation, and our inner and outward journeys. Inspired by colorful, feminine, botanical, and otherworldly dreamscapes, The Field Tarot connects art and spirituality with the ancient tradition of tarot reading.

The helpful key word on each card and the accessible artwork help jump start readers intuition. The deck also comes with a 96 page guidebook providing key meanings for each card and allowing one to delve deeper and unlock the secrets hidden in the sacred space (The Field) where the Tarot Narrative takes place.

  • 78-card deck
  • 96-page guidebook.

Hannah is Artist and Graphic Design Consultant based in Milwaukee, WI. Her passions include collecting tarot and oracle decks, baking, board games, and raising her son Ezra.

Creator Hannah Elizabeth Fofana