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The Cook's Tarot

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It is time to take the heart of the matter to the heat of the kitchen, taking in the Tarot like the scent of warm cookies, just from the oven. Depicted with the wisdom and delight of a home-spun conversation around a kitchen table, this deck presents 78 hand-painted images that revolve around a lively culinary theme. Bright colors and often whimsical humor provide an instant connection and reading experience for anyone who has ever put two slices of bread together. In a narrative style, the accompanying comprehensive guide provides a sophisticated understanding of Tarot Archetypes and philosophy. Card meanings are based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith standard, yet project their own original flavor. This deck and guide is a must-have for both the serious Tarot practitioner, as well as for those looking to find spirituality in their everyday lives. Bon Appetit

  • 78 -Card Tarot Deck and Guide book using a Culinary theme
  • Cards Measure approximately 2.75 X 4.75
  • Deck follows Traditional Rider-Waite-Smith structure
  • Guidebook includes discussion of card spreads, meanings and symbolism. 

Judith Mackay Stirt

Judith Mackay Stirt was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. She developed not only a love of bright colors and spicy food, but a deep appreciation and respect for all the many household cooks who worked as the unsung heroes of her childhood. They were hired to cook not only meals for the immediate family, but to cater to large crowds of people, as these gatherings were the chief form of entertainment in those days. Good cooks were so much more than people with culinary skills. They embodied the Archetypes of Emperor, Mother, Teacher, Judge, Confessor, and High Priestess. Judith may have left Jamaica, but it has never left her, as she seems to gravitate towards small islands. She currently lives on Gabriola (a small island) off the coast of Vancouver Island (a large island) in British Columbia, Canada. She lives with her husband, David, who is also a good cook. Close by is her sister, Nancy, to whom this book is dedicated, and also within a five minute's drive is her mother, Norma, the original good cook. They are planning a takeover, but don't tell anyone.