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The Chinese Five Elements Oracle: A 60-Card Deck and Guidebook

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Unlock ancient Chinese wisdom with this stunning oracle deck, and explore the mysteries of the five elements through the eyes of modern metaphysics and astrology.

The Chinese Five Elements Oracle is a 60-card deck that provides a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese Metaphysics and Taoist wisdom. Through this deck, you'll come to understand the 60 pillars of the five elements. It is designed to be user-friendly, so even novices can benefit, while more experienced readers can go deeper into their interpretation of the cards. Gain insight into the past, present, and future, and work with the truth and flow with the way of the Tao. This oracle deck can help you develop a deeper understanding of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe and develop meaningful connections and communication with the Divine.

  • 60 Cards measure approximately 3.5" X 5"
  • 2 Part Box
  • 196 page guidebook included in box.

Author: Vicki Iskandar

author Vicki Iskandar
Born in Indonesia to parents of Chinese heritage, Vicki grew up in a culturally diverse setting, rich in spiritual traditions and Taoist customs. She started her metaphysics journey with Western astrology in 2000 after getting her MBA in Marketing from NYU. Vicki’s offered her daily astrological insights, a unique blend of Chinese and Western astrology, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @5elementsoracle since 2012. She founded Functional Feng Shui in Los Angeles in 2017 to help clients manifest their personal and professional visions, using a balanced, holistic approach that combines her knowledge of Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, and the ancient art of war of Qi Men Dun Jia with her background in business strategies, expertise in health and wellness, and a unique energetic understanding of the body informed by Qigong.

Artist: Candice Soon

Artist Candice Soon

Candice Soon is a self-taught artist and illustrator with a love for the islands that shaped her into who she is today. Born and raised in the island- nation of Singapore, she discovered her passion for art in Okinawa, Japan, where she taught English for three years. While living there, she began dabbling in watercolor painting and other mediums. She currently lives in Hawai‘i, another unique island that she calls home. Each place has deeply influenced her artistic style and subjects, creating a colorful palette with tropical and oral themes that pay homage to their natural environments and rich histories.