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The Cantigee Oracle and Guidebook

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Each of the Cantigee oracle deck’s 52 beautifully illustrated circular cards serves as a conduit for wisdom, creativity, and spiritual nourishment.

Cantigee is the song the Earth sings. It’s the spell it weaves, the enchantment it whispers--an invitation to deepen into ourselves, come home to our place within the living Earth, and exist in right relationship with the natural world.

Grounded in nature-based archetypes like The Self-Tending Fire, The Juniper Caduceus, and The Voice of the Moon, The Cantigee Oracle includes both a deck and an accompanying guidebook. It offers you a space to reattune, reflect, and reconnect: to your own inner world, to yearnings and inspirations, and to the Earth that sustains us all.

For each archetype, you’ll find an image, a thread of story, an explanation, an offering of guidance, practices that connect you with the idea and energy of the archetype, creative prompts for artists, makers, and other creative folks, an environmental reflection or action you can take in alignment with the archetype, and ways to use this archetype as an icon to help call in specific energies, perspectives, reminders, inspirations, and healings in your life and circumstances.

Each card in this versatile deck can be used as:

  • Part of a weekly year-round practice
  • Prompts for spiritual practice
  • Inspiration for ecological activism
  • Inspirational icons and creative seeds
  • A contemplative opportunity to connect with the natural world
  • Can pair with the Inner Compass Cards and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

52 Circular illustrated cards


Rae Diamond (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist, creative and spiritual mentor, Qigong teacher, and nature advocate. Their work stems from their lifelong study of language, symbols, archetypes, energy, Buddhist dharma, Chinese medicine, intonation, loving kindness, nature, and also from their feral past as a homeless punk musician in the 1990’s. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Litro, Sinister Wisdom, Dovecote, The Arsonist, and various anthologies.

Laura Zuspan is an artist, oracle and meditator. She is the creator of Luminous Void Tarot, featured in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica and selected for preservation at the MIT distinctive libraries. For the last decade she has worked with individuals using the Tarot in healing through the lens of art, embodied awareness, Buddhism and symbolism. She is a student of mindfulness meditation. She lives on unceded Ohlone territory with her family in Oakland CA.