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Tarot Nuages

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The faraway town of Nuages, in the land of clouds, has its own culture, creatures, traditions and tarot. Tarot Nuages pays tribute to Marseilles-style tarot with some antique elements, but it also embraces a modern, playful spirit with goblins, penguins, pixies, gargoyles and animated mushrooms inhabiting the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana introduces a pantheon of demigods and high-powered personalities that will lead readers through an unforgettable tarot journey. Includes 79 cards and 64-page booklet.

  • Box measures 3.123” x 5.375”
  • 79 cards measure 2.7” x 5”
  • Artist Gniedmann

Gniedmann is a self-taught traditional artist and illustrator.
He defines his style pop-surrealism. Including  dark fantasy, concepts, characters, comics, artworks, pigs, clowns, undead, orcs and horror things.
Media: mainly watercolors, ink, dotwork.