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Belfort 1735, France


limited edition of 1500 copies 

Jean-Pierre LAURENT (1709-1743) produced this fine Tarot in France near the border of Switzerland and Germany in 1735. The exclusive reissue of this Tarot, both in its Marseilles form (with Papess and Pope) and Besançon form (with Juno and Jupiter), is based on an original copy from a private collection. This edition is the first reissue that respects the original size and card backs.


  • Historic Reproduction realized by Yves Reynaud and Wilfried Houdouin of Tarot De Marseille Heritage
  • limited Edition of 1,500 copies
  • 80 cards + 2 presentation cards (English and French)
  • Cards Measure 2 1/2 X 4 9/16
  • Tarot of Marseilles decks are not sealed in plastic.
Tarot of Marseilles Heritage


 TarotArts is proud to represent Tarot of Marseilles Heritage in the United States.


Yves Reynaud and Wilfried Houdouin launched Tarot of Marseilles Heritage to protect and promote the heritage of the traditional Marseilles Tarot.  They publish limited edition facsimiles of the most beautiful historical Tarots of Marseilles, housed in the most prestigious intuitions and private collections around the world.  Meticulous detail is  applied including respecting the size and the design on backs of the cards.  Some of these Tarots originate in the city of Marseilles. Others come from regions around Marseilles where the the graphic and symbolic qualities of these tarots flourished for centuries.