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Tarocco Soprafino


This is an Il Meneghello limited edition printing of the Italian Soprafino (very refined - super fine) Tarocco Deck. The deck was originally created in 1835 when the Milanese printer Ferdinand Gumppenberg commissioned a deck from the artist/engraver Carlo Dellarocca. The deck had a lasting influence on 19th century card artists and printers.  Many consider this 2019 limited edition of 2,000 by Il Meneghello to be the quintessential edition.  The cards are handmade and faithfully reproduce the originals.  Gentle markings and stains are intact and give the whole deck a lovely antique look and feel.  Shipped new and sealed in the original box.  Edition number will vary with each order.


  • Name: Soprafino Tarot
  • Alternate Names: Tarocco Soprafino
  • Creators: Carlo DellaRocca
  • Publisher: il Meneghello 2019 edition of 2,000 
  • Deck Type: Tarot Deck
  • Cards: 78 in a matt finish
  • Card Size: 2.09 x 4.17 in
  • Deck Tradition: Marseilles
  • Minor Arcana Style: Marseilles-Style Pips
  • Suits: Bastoni (Wands), Coppe (Cups), Spade (Swords), Denari (Pentacles)
  • The Fool is 0
  • Strength is 11
  • Justice is 8
  • Card Back: Reversible