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Tarocchi Visconti-Sforza small size limited edition 2002

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Discover the mysterious beauty of the earliest Tarots with this stunning reproduction of the Tarocchi Visconti Sforza (Visconti Tarot). This Limited Edition was lovenigly created in 2002 by by Il Meneghello in a limited run of 1,000  The Devil, Tower and Knight of Coins, cards that are lost to history here are adrontily recreated by Giovanni Scarsato and perfectly complement the original late medieval deck.  This version is smaller than the full size deck making it easier to handle and shuffle.  Each deck is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity card and the creator's wax seal on the box. Users will uncover the edition number upon opening the package.

  • Il Meneghello: Publisher.
  • Also known as Visconti-Sforza Pierpont Morgan Tarot
  • include some portraits of the Sforza and Visconti families in 15th century clothes and scenes, giving us a glimpse of noble life in Milan.
  • 78 Cards
  • Card Size approximately 2.25 X 4.5
  • Card Backs: Solid golden brown
  • Cardstock: Quality Grade, eggshell finish cardstock - not shiny
  • Each deck is new and sealed
  • comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity card and the creator's wax seal on the box
Interesting facts
  • 74 of the original 78 cards have been identified and are in several collections; 35 at the Morgan in New York; 26 at the Accadameia Carrara in Bergamo; and 13 in the private collection of the Colleoni family of Bergamo.
  • The Knight of Coins is dressed in plain blue fabric, and unique to this deck, he’s wearing armor