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Splendor Solis Tarot

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A Dazzling Discovery, taking Tarot to a Whole New Level

The alchemical masterpiece Splendor Solis reveals powerful illuminations that lyrically teach the Secrets of Alchemy.

Pick up the Splendor Solis Treasure Box, and you hold a beautiful work of art distilling the glories of an entire mystery school of visionary imagination. Inside awaits the gold-embossed Tarot deck of 78 cards, and the lavishly illustrated book of splendors, a lyrically-written resource for readings, and a guide to the mystic journey.

Within the Splendor Solis Tarot cards the 22 major arcana are the Artisans, the archetypes that reveal their transformative powers along the pathways of the Tree of Life. The 56 minor arcana are presented as the four suits with magically painted Element colours, expressing the four worlds of Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body.

  • First Edition
  • Boxed Set Size:4 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches
  • 78 gold edged cards 
  • Companion Deck
  • Creator Marie Angelo

Marie Angelo, with a BA in psychology, is an independent scholar and teacher of the Western Mystery tradition. She has been a college teacher, researcher, counsellor, academic, and writes on Archetypal and Jungian Psychology, but things got exciting when she ran a Master’s degree course in Transpersonal Arts and Practice in which the Splendor Solis illuminations were the honoured guests.