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Sola Busca Tarot

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The Tarot masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance


The Sola Busca Tarot is based on one of the Oldest Known Tarot Decks, originally created in the 15th Century for one of Italy's Noble families. These cards are known for their alchemical symbolism and for having inspired many of the minor arcana of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.  Pamela Coleman Smith. would visit the cards at the British Museum while she worked on and researched her own artwork.  The Major Arcana do not follow the typical Fool's Journey Imagery. Instead the trump cards are figures from Roman History and Greek & Roman Mythology. This deck is now available as a deluxe kit with a guidebook in a premium hardbox. These cards, printed on premium cardstock, have been lovingly printed with great care from originals found in the greatest collections of rare tarot decks. Previously sold as a limited-edition deck, this new museum quality kit enhances the Sola Busca experience by providing the history behind the deck as well as card meanings and spread ideas from Sola Busca expert Paola Gnaccolini.

  •   Lo Scarabeo 
  • Delux Boxed Deck - Large 5 x 8 x 2 IN
  • 78-card deck printed on premium cardstock
  • Cards Measure 3 15/16" x 7 1/8"" x .016"
  • 78 cards
  • companion book describes the history of this deck and provides suggestions for your Tarot readings