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Secrets of the Mystic Grove

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Let the enchanting artwork of Mary AlayneThomas enfold you in a world of stunning beauty and imagination as the colorful denizens of the Mystic Grove share their insightful secrets. You may discover surprising new perspectives from a daydreaming tiger and a mysterious lady wearing a peacock in her hair.

This special set includes 44 cards and a 96-page guidebook presenting keywords, inspirational messages and journal prompts with space provided for you to write down your thoughts as you journey through the Mystic Grove. 

  •  US Games
  • 44 Cards
  • Card Size 3.5" x 4.75"
  • Box 5.25" x 3.85"
  • 96-page guidebook
  • Author Arwen Lynch
  • Artist Mary Alayne Thomas

Artist Mary Alayne Thomas

"My work is the culmination of my lifelong passion for art.  My journey began in Santa Fe New Mexico, where I was raised by two full time artists.  I was exposed to art on a daily basis, and began illustrating children's magazines at the age of eleven.

I was initially taken with the luminosity and versatility of watercolor.  After much experimentation with other mediums, I discovered the amazing and harmonious combination of encaustic with watercolor.  Over time, I refined the process, which has evolved into my current technique.  

My paintings are a complex layering of encaustic and silkscreen over a watercolor painting.  There is a sense of mystery, a softness that emanates from the floating art forms within the transparent, waxy surface.  It creates an atmospheric work, a dreamy ethereal expression. 

I am constantly inspired by the wildlife, forests and dark beauty of my home in Portland Oregon, but childhood memories of wandering the mesas in Santa Fe continue to compel my work.  I strive to capture those magical ephemeral moments we all experience, real or imagined."