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PIXIE Oracle Deck


Be prepared to embark on a whimsical journey with the Pixie Oracle Deck! This 40-card deck showcases digital collages of artworks and films by Mary Evans, featuring holographic foil cover and blue glitter edges for an added touch of magic. With a guidebook filled with enchanting descriptions and a keepsake box, this handmade deck is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of sparkle and playfulness to their day. Created in 2021 in Eugene, Oregon, Pixie is more than just a deck - it's a portal to a surreal and imaginative world.

  • Self-Published
  • 40 Circular Cards measure approximately 4" across
  • Sturdy Two-part box
  • guidebook included inside box

Mary Evans

Mary Evans is an artist and intuitive who’s work focuses on communications with the spirit realm. With a focus on craft and D.I.Y practices, she explores ideas of consciousness and spirituality through interdisciplinary practice. Most known for her work in modern new age, Evans has self published six tarot and oracle card decks under the moniker Spirit Speak. These works have recently been acknowledged by The Whitney Museum, Vogue Magazine, and Oprah Magazine.