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Pastoral Tarot


Honoring the rich pastoral tradition that celebrates the sweeping majesty of the countryside, Pastoral Tarot transports us to bucolic places where we can appreciate the beauty and bounty of nature as we stroll through apple orchards, lavender farms, golden pastures, prairies, woodlands and meadows. Nostalgic scenes of rural life are presented in exquisite historic detail, while closely following the traditional structure of Smith-Waite Tarot. Horizontal artwork draws us into immersive landscapes for deep personal reflection into tarot meanings that are readily accessible to readers of all levels. Deluxe set includes 78-card deck, linen pouch, and 180-page illustrated book.

  • 78 Horizontal cards measure 5” x 3.25”
  • 180-page illustrated book
  • 2 Part Box Measures 6.875” x 4.875
  • Linen Pouch

 Lynn Araujo

Lynn Araujo is a Writer and Editor. Creator of Botanical Inspirations Deck
& Pastoral Tarot

Lisa Hunt

Lisa Hunt has been working as a professional artist since 1990. Lisa is an award-winning watercolorist whose work has been published worldwide in tarot decks, gaming, magazines, books and more.