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Mystique of Magdalene Oracle Deck and Guidebook


Beloved teacher, practical mystic, and divine healer Mary Magdalene is an archetype for our time. Within her journeys, we discover the stories, secrets, and potentials of all women who rise above challenges using intuition, creative thinking, and deep, transformative compassion. Mary teaches that there is no knowledge, understanding, or wisdom without love. 

Through the text and vision of Cheryl Yambrach Rose, we can enter the warmth of safety of Magdalene’s sacred aura, share in her travels, and be blessed by her sweet revelation. When you have a question, turn to this oracle and know the comfort, healing, and awakening of Magdalene’s guiding, radiant love. 

  • Box measures 4.92” x 6.69” x 1.25”
  • 44 cards measure 3.74” x 5.47”

Cheryl Yambrach Rose



Cheryl Yambrach Rose is a portrait painter, visionary artist, and the author of the book “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul”(forward by Dr. Jean Houston) She paints in oils on linen in a synthesis of the old master style and her own unique technique of tuning in through the eyes. Excelling in spiritual portraiture, Cheryl is collected by many discerning luminaries, including Gary Zukav and Neale Donald Walsch. Her artwork has been published and shown worldwide, including in the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. It has been featured on the Wisdom and Travel Channels, and is included in a book of the top 100 living Western Artists. In England, she has been published by Thames and Hudson, Blandford, Watkin’s, and others. She is featured in the Chinese film “Awakening Journey” which also features Neale Donald Walsch and Dr. Bruce Lipton. 

Her Spiritual portraits are Multi-dimensional paintings incorporating information accessed through the sight of the pineal gland or inner eye as it connects to the Source Field. Her Neo-Mythic Art® brings forth images out of the morphic fields surrounding sacred sites and the vorticies within them.

She lives and works in Glastonbury, England, Prague, Czech Republic, and Mt. Shasta, California. In Prague she is co-founder with her husband of Daghda Vision s.r.o., a company dedicated to global cultural exchange, art, film and publishing.