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Mother Mort’s Carnival of Souls Oracle Deck

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Experience Mother Mort’s Carnival of Souls, a twisted world where the cycle of life's karma awaits! Mother Mort, the mighty triple goddess, will guide you through this magical world. Prepare to witness daring feats and meet frightful folks, as this is where the ill-fated receive their just desserts. But fear not, for even those who have suffered like Jane will find a magical cleansing and rebirth here. Which fate will befall you? Hear the poignant tale of Jane's strange carnival journey in the 80-page hardcover book. Encounter the menagerie of creatures and characters in the 32-card green foil-accented oracle deck with gilded edges. Decipher their messages with help from the 76-page full-color guidebook. And as an added bonus, receive your very own copper-foil carnival ticket with this deluxe set!


  • 32 green foil-accented oracle cards with gilded edges, 3.25” x 5”
  • 80-page hardcover storybook, 5” x 7”
  • 76-page full-color oracle guidebook, 3.25” x 5”
  • Copper-foil carnival ticket, which can be used as a bookmark
  • Presented in a copper-foil embellished box

Matt Hughes

Artist Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes An accomplished writer, artist and designer, Matt’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the world, and featured in numerous publications such as: Art Scene International, Dark Realms Magazine, Realms of Fantasy Magazine, Magical Blend Magazine, White Wolf Publishing, Heavy Metal Magazine, Mystique Magazine, and Wizard Magazine.  In addition, several collaborative publications have showcased his work, including Spectrum, Masters of Fantasy, How to Draw and Paint Fairies, Anatomy for Fantasy Artists and Creative Minds. In 2004, Matt’s illustration, “Boudicca”, appeared on the cover of a greeting card set given to the Lord of the Rings cast and crew at an After Oscar Party, and in that same year, he was honored as a Gallery Winner in the Society of Illustrators, LA art competition. In 2007 Matt was honored with Best in Show Award at DragonCon Convention and took the role of Art Show Judge the following year. 

Ingeniously blending the romantic aesthetic beauty of Art Nouveau with the dark concepts of Gothic art, painter Matt Hughes is best known for giving rise to Gothic Art Nouveau, a new art movement that’s redefining the relationship between viewer and subject, entwining both into an intimate rendezvous, sharing dark and ethereal realms immersed in religion and mythology, death and spirituality, human nature and inherent evil, ultimately leaving the viewer with a profundity of self-reflection and introspection.

Marie McWilliams

Marie McWilliams

Marie McWilliams lives and works in Northern Ireland. Interested in human behaviour, she studied at Queens University, Belfast where she obtained a degree in Psychology. Her short stories have been featured in several anthologies, magazines and book boxes.


This is the Carnival of Souls, where the triple goddess Mother Mort reigns. Our protagonist is Jane, who goes on a carnival odyssey, meeting a menagerie of creatures and frightful characters. The oracle deck comes with a hardcover storybook. For the cast of characters (and how to interpret each card), there’s the full-color booklet.

As my first read with the deck, I shuffled the cards, then cut it with the admission ticket (doubling as a bookmark), and turned over the Light Bringer. “The Light Bringer provides illumination for the carnival-goers. . . Like fire, this light can take many forms. The Light Bringer card reveals that you are on the correct path and should continue trusting the course you’ve laid for yourself.”

Mother Mort’s Carnival of Souls Oracle is creepy in the most delightful way. The pearlescent green holographic embossing catches the light in a way that convinces you that your deck is alive and sentient. You swear you just saw that veiled figure in Mirror Mary move. And did Morrigan the Great Queen just turn her head to look at you?

—Benebell Wen, Tarot creator, collector and blogger

It’s hard to put this into words, but what I can say is that experiencing the creativity and artistry contained within this box took my breath away. It's a passion project brought lovingly and completely into this world for us to experience, and as a collector and lover of the art of divination cards, I’ve enjoyed slowly savoring every single minute of this experience. From the box and ephemera, to the cards, to the actual illustrated gothic fiction story book contained inside, this was a journey from the beginning until the very end. The production is undoubtably fantastic and the cards themselves provide some profound messages that have been welcomed in my daily practice. Going forward I will be using this for daily pulls, and to root out underlying/hidden energies in readings regarding people, personalities or relationships. I think this could also be a great deck to use in correlation with a journaling practice, since the guidebook presents questions and alternative thought with each interpretation. Would I have liked the deck to have more cards, yes. Why? Because then I could use it more freely for all different kinds of readings as opposed to keeping it to the more specific uses. But then again, perhaps it is true that these souls only need to appear when they are most needed after all. And if so, then I think it is perfect just as it is. Highly recommend. 
—Robyn's Reflections, Deck collector & YouTuber

I am thoroughly OBSESSED with the story this deck has to tell. This deck follows the story of Jane, with the cards pulling on the characters from the full story included with the deck. I really love how much of a full experience this oracle feels like so far, I can’t WAIT to get further into it and Jane’s story.
—Christa Chronicles, Deck collector & blogger