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Minchiate Etruria 1725

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The “Minchiate Etruria” deck was originally published in Florence around 1725, printed from copper plate etchings and hand coloured with water colours.  Minchiate was a late-medieval card game employing a specially extended pack of 97 cards, related to Tarot but including 12 zodiac signs, 4 virtues (faith, hope, charity, prudence) and 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth). Some scholars believe that these cards may have served as teaching aids, because several trump allegories (Virtues, Elements, Zodiac signs) belong to categories upon which classical learning was based at that time.

This listing for for a Il Meneghello limited edition printing of 2,000 from 2019. These beautiful cards are handmade and have an elegant old world look and feel. The cars have a semi gloss finish with square corners. The decks come packaged in a sturdy 2 part box with the sun card affixed on the top with the makers wax seal. The decks are sealed and the user will receive a title card with the limited edition number inside the box.

The Minchiate Etruria is a beautiful and fascinating deck - An early diratitive of the Tarot but with a unique character all its own.

  • Name: Minchiate Etruria 1725
  • Publisher: il Meneghello
  • 2019 limited edition of 2,000
  • Deck Type: Early Italian Minchiate Deck - an extended form of Tarot consisting of 97 cards
  • Cards: 97 with a Semi Gloss finish - square corners
  • Card Dimensions cm. 9.5 x 5.5
  • Deck Tradition: Minchiate
  • Card Back: Not Reversible

Interesting Facts:

  • Old cards manufactured in Italy like the Minchiate Etruria usually had a fanciful decoration on the backs, the paper folded over to the front to form a border. Many modern decks still imitate this effect.
  • the horse cards in this deck are hybrid figures - half man and half horse or other figure. 
  • Card number 30 carries the seal of the Medici family.