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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer

Medieval Tarot


Go back in time with the Medieval Tarot.  Inspired by the late Gothic style and the miniatures of the books of hours of the late fifteenth century.  the Medieval Tarot with Evocative, traditional and powerful symbols is designed to show us the path to attaining perfection that anyone can follow, step by step, climbing each rung of the invisible ladder that unites the material world to the spiritual dimension.

  •   Lo Scarabeo 
  • Size 3 x 5 x 1 IN
  • 78 Cards
  • Companion booklet
  • Creator Guido 

Guido was born in Bologna in June 1956. After a few years he moved to Rome where he lived for eight years and was the painter father who started him very young at drawing.
Back in Bologna when his father died, he attended an art high school. Then he meets the painter Wolfango, from whom he learns painting, rigor in work and the search for his own expressive way in an attempt to synthesize modernity with the teaching of the masters of the past, but always within the figurative tradition. In addition to painting he devoted himself to editorial and architectural illustration and to the construction of three-dimensional models in wood and paper.

Since 1990 he lives in Genoa, where in 1994 he made a copy of the two large paintings by Ansaldo, placed at the end of the organ on the right of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.
From 2012 he teaches at the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts.
He has exhibited his works in Bologna, Parma, Lucca and Genoa.