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Margarete Petersen Tarot

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Margarete Petersen Tarot - English Version

Each card in this exquisite deck is a complex work of art brimming with spiritual significance. The Major Arcana symbolize transpersonal experiences, with card meanings presented in poetry. The Court Cards represent family relationships and the "social web" of life. Coins, cups, flames, and feathers explore the energy and action of daily life. The four suits are correlated with the four elements: Cups/water, coins/earth, flames/fire, and feathers/air.

In her own ingenious way Margarete Petersen has created and lived the Tarot cards since 1979. The Berlin based artist succeeded in creating archetypical motifs, although or perhaps because she has often broken with traditional imagery. Various forms of contemporary art and spirituality as well as the traditional structure contributed to the paintings.


  • 78 Full color cards
  • Card Size 4" x 5.75"
  • Compressive Guide
  • Tuck Box
  • Feather for Swords/Air
  • Flames for Wands/Fire
  • Chalices for Cups/Water
  • Coins for Pentacles/Earth
The court cards are as follows:
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Son

Minor Arcana.  Variations for Wrider-Waite-Smith

  • The Magician / Magic
  • The Chariot / The Charioteeress
  • The Hermit / The Crone
  • The Wheel of Fortune / The Wheel of Life
  • The Hanged Man / The Ordeal 
  • Temperance / The Border Crosser 
  • Judgment / Renewal