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Lightworker Oracle Fierce Love 11.11 Edition

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Humanity as One 

Your path is sacred and meaningful. With fierce love and the 11.11 frequency, you are evolving into the fullness of all you were born to be. Trust your inner freedom and divine connection, shine bright and increase love’s light on Earth. 

Sacred consciousness is your divine birthright. With profound healing messages and spirit-infused imagery, this soothingly powerful special edition of Lightworker Oracle connects you with your heart. Be confident in claiming the unique beauty that resides within your soul. Whether you are an experienced lightworker or are taking the first steps on your awakening journey, these deeply nourishing and potent teachings will guide, inspire and align you with higher beings, innate intuitive abilities, grounding wisdom and uplifting vision. Includes 44 gold-edged cards, 240-page full-colour guidebook, card stand with gold-foil sigil and gold-foil accents on covers. 

  • 44 Gold Edge Cards Measure 3.75” x 5.47”
  • 240-page full-colour guidebook included in box
  • card stand with gold-foil sigil

Alana Fairchild is a spiritual visionary and creative powerhouse who radiates magical energy to inspire, comfort and vitalize those around her. Her energy is a consciousness catalyst for transformation and her teachings are delivered with a gentleness, purity and potency that sets her apart. Alana’s unique spiritual offerings are aligned with freedom rather than doctrine and aim to heal and uplift at a deep level.

Mario Duguay is an extraordinarily gifted, internationally recognized artist from Quebec, Canada. He has the wonderful gift of touching people’s hearts through his work. 

Hillary Wilson combines her medical illustration background with her love for fantasy, wonder, and emotional connection, Hillary strives to celebrate the wonder of life, nature, and being human.