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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer

Hip Chick Tarot

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The women shown in these 78 hand-painted and boldly colored Tarot cards will empower you to grow spiritually, be creative, feel freely, and think clearly—all from a female perspective. Call on these experienced women when you need guidance and support with everyday life, and allow them to help you tune into your own inner wisdom. This deck and companion guide encourages you to be daring and to make decisions that resonate with your soul, not the expectations of society and other people. Consisting of the Majors, Create (Wands), Feel (Cups), Think (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles), this deck uses quick-and-easy meanings and modern symbols that can be applied to your life in a fun and accessible way. It takes courage to be yourself. Be hip—and own your power.


  • Red Feather Deck
  • Size: 6″ x 9″ x 2″ 
  • 78 art cards
  • 112 page Book



Maria Strom is a Tarot reader and artist living in Athens, Georgia. Her first Tarot reading was in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. At age fifteen, she recognized the deep spiritual knowledge available in the cards, and she’s been learning from them ever since. At the core of Maria’s spiritual practice is acknowledging the Divine in everyday experience. She’s in awe of the synchronicity and spiritual epiphanies that the Divine sends our way, but she feels that the real practice is in our everyday lives—how we relate to ourselves, others, and all that’s happening with us and around us. She’s created a diverse, modern deck for women that’s both spiritual and practical.