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Green Glyphs Box Set

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The Green Glyphs Box Set is the complete collection of Green Glyphs divination decks. The Box Set Includes: Green Glyphs Tarot Green Glyphs Oracle Green Glyphs Lenormand 2nd Edition Green Glyphs Runes and dice Green Glyphs Glossary Green Glyphs Card Holder


James R. Eads was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA. He spent his childhood making art and eventually went to a liberal arts school in New York where he studied printmaking, painting and graphic design. After college, James moved back to Los Angeles and began designing gig posters for bands like Phish, Dave Matthews, The Foo Fighters and Jerry Garcia as well as for events like Bonaroo, Outside Lands and Form Arcosanti. 

Simultaneously, in 2013 James made his first tarot deck, which would catapult him into the world of divination. A year later he opened his business, Prisma Visions, and in the years following created nearly a dozen divination tools. 

In 2016 James was a pioneer of painting in virtual reality by employing tiltbrush, a tool developed by google. James created immersive worlds that could be explored with a headset and worked directly with Google, Soulpancake and VR scout. 

In 2021 James founded Eads Bros. with his brother Sean. They released their first project together, Pocket Visions: a tarot reading app for mobile devices. Today they are working on their first video game for upcoming public release. 

Throughout these various mediums, James has maintained a post-impressionistic dream-like quality in his work. His pieces are like maps to new worlds and illustrate the intricacies of human connection to nature and ourselves. James harnesses this sense of discovery and sews it through his work, offering a glimpse of the underlying magic in everything. 

Currently, James runs an art studio in downtown Los Angeles with his team. The studio is a hub for various creatives as well as the flagship location of Prisma Visions.