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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer.

Golden Tarot - Liz Dean

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The Golden Tarot is a beautiful Tarot created in the tradition of the Renaissance Tarots. The Deck uses ancient symbols like the crayfish, the pomegranate the tower and the planets of astrology to trigger messages from the unconscious. The majors and the court cards have exquisitely illustrated Renaissance scenes. The suits are subtlety decorated with pips instead of illustrated scenes.

  • 78 Cards
  • 64-Full Color In struction Book
  • Author Liz Deam
  • Illustrated by Melissa Launa

Liz Dean

Liz Dean is author of thirteen books and card decks. An authority on tarot and intuition, her books include the international best seller The Art of Tarot (Cico, 2001; c. 300,000 copies sold), Recently, she has directed her teaching and writing toward creativity, intuition and healing, running monthly workshops on unlocking creativity for writers and artists at Selfridges, London, where she also practises as an Angelic Reiki Master-Teacher and psychic; her clients come from all over the world. Liz is a former Co-Editor of Kindred Spirit, the UK's leading spiritual magazine.