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Gilded Tarot Royale Deck


The Gilded Tarot Royal is a reworking of Ciro Marchetti's first Tarot Deck 2004. In this new 2020 release Llewellyn removes the borders and infuses the beautiful Italian Renaissance, Steampunk, and Commedia dell’arte images with even more jewel tone luster. The deck abounds with medieval magicians, priestesses, emperors, and knights who will help you unleash your divinatory power. The stunning details, and magical colors all add to the the decks powerful readability and make this deck an excellent choice for the beginner. This Version contains 78 cards and an instructional booklet by Barbara More. Also available as a Tarot Kit with a full sized book. 

Please note that "Gilded" in the name of the deck does not indicate that the cards have gold foil or gold paint on the sides of the cards.


  •  Llewellyn
  • 78 Cards 3 X 5 X 1
  • Boxed Deck
  • Booklet with Card Meanings and Sample Spreads.



Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti (Florida) is an award-winning artist from the United Kingdom. He studied art in London, followed by a career working in Europe and South America before settling in the United States where he opened a design agency in Miami. In addition to managing his company, Ciro also gives workshops and lectures on digital imagery and illustration at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, and continues to create his own visionary art.