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Fortuna Tarot Deck and Guidebook- Amethyst Aura Edition

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Maria J. Fajardo Praena created the Fortuna Deck as a sacred tool to help one deepen their spiritual practice. Using the ancient Alchemical principles of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology in a modern accessible way.  This deck can help you unlock the answers that already lie hidden within.  The excellent guidebook provides suggested card meanings in both upright and reversed, as well as, showing each cards' astrological influence. The card descriptions largely follow the traditional Waite-Smith card meanings, with some renaming and modern elements that are purposely designed to help your mind tap into higher realms, and bring more clarity and enlightenment to your readings. This deck celebrates the union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces, that’s why the Court cards have been rearranged to Princess (Page) Prince (Knight), then Queen and King.

The Fortuna Tarot is beautifully designed with a luxurious matte finish and quality card stock (350 gsm). The Cards have silver holographic foil on both the front and back. Truly a heirloom deck that you will cherish and want to hand down.

The Cards
    • 79 unique designs
    • 120 mm x 75 mm card size
    • Luxurious matte card stock (350 gsm)
    • rose gold holographic foil for front and back
    • Custom hand-painted symmetrical watercolor background for the back of the cards
    • Hand-painted edges

The Guidebook

  • Extensive guidebook which includes the different theories and core elements found within the deck, meanings, and descriptions of the cards and their archetypes, as well as some unique spreads to use with your cards.

The Box
  • Sturdy two-part box to hold the card and guidebook
  • Rose petal finish (velvet touch)
  • Luxurious silver holographic foil
  • Custom hand-painted watercolor background


    Maria J. Fajardo Praena is a a professional graphic designer, astrologer and the creative mind behind Studio Artemy.

    She combines her passion for occult knowledge, magic and spirituality to create modern divination tools to help you find expansion in your journey and gain more clarity within. 

    Technology has made us become increasingly more disconnected from the relationship we have with ourselves. The purpose of Praena'a work is to remind others of what they have forgotten and bring more joy and purpose into their lives.