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Ferenc Pinter Tarot

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With majors created by the world-famous painter Ferenc Pinter and minors brilliantly compiled from Pinter's vast body of work, this new deck is the definitive Pinter tarot. Borderless cards are a perfect showcase for Pinter's imaginative, expressive style. With impeccable color reproduction, nuanced shading, and finely realized details, this edition cleverly synthesizes Pinter's vision with ancient universal archetypal energies.

  •   Lo Scarabeo 
  • Size 3 x 5 x 2 IN
  • 78 Cards
  • Companion booklet
  • by Ferenc Pinter, Pietro Alligo, Charles Harrington

Ferenc Pinter

Ethnicity: Ferenc Pinter had a Hungarian father and Italian mother.

Pinter was born in Alassio, Italy, on October 31, 1931. His father, József Pintér, was a painter. His mother, Anna Antonazzi, was from Florence. In 1940 the Pinters moved to Budapest in hope to treat a tuberculosis disease of Pinter's father. However, the surgical operation did not bring any results and after a few years Ferenc Pinter lost his father.

Ferenc Pinter applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, but he was not accepted because of his divergence with the communist ideas of that time.

Following the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Pinter escaped to Italy. As soon as he arrived in Milan, he was commissioned to produce gigantic mural (80 m²) for Radio Marelli. The following three years, he created a series of advertisement illustrations and posters. Eventually, in 1960, he joined the staff of the Mondadori publisher with which he collaborated for 32 years.

Pinter produced numerous covers and illustrations for Mondadori books and also magazines, including Segretissimo, as well as Maigret and Agatha Christie translations and for Oscar Mondadori. His preferred technique was tempera.

In 1989 Ferenc Pinter painted the 22 Tarot Triumphs, which were published by Lo Scarabeo of Turin, with a Federico Zeri's foreword, followed by 56 Minor Arcana between 2000 and 2002 from the same publisher. Although the artist suffered from a serious illness, he continued to work until his death.