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Divine Intuition Oracle By BelindaGrace

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Have you ever felt something you can't explain, or the urge to do something, even when you rational mind says the opposite ?

With warmth and expertise, BelindaGrace gives you the confidence to recognize, interpret and trust your natural inner wisdom. Packed with practical applications and insights, these cards will help you to unlock your intuitive potential by showing you how to understand signs and give you the inspiration and guidance to let your intuition bloom. The Divine Intuition Oracle is an indispensable companion for anyone who would like to develop their intuition and learn to trust it more and more.


  • 36 Gilded-Edge Full-Color Cards approximately 3.5 X 5
  • 128-Page Book

BelindaGrace is a Clairvoyant Healer with 20 years of experience in her field. She is passionate about helping her clients and students to lead happier and healthier lives that inspire them and have meaning and purpose.

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