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Cosmic Dancer Oracle

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All is one, All is Divine and Everything Dances

Dance has always been integral to the human experience. Principles of the Cosmic Dance are present in celebration, ritual, storytelling, philosophy, and more. The wisdom, connection, and inspiration that arise through sacred movement have found their way to you through the captivating artwork and empowering teachings of this dynamic oracle.

Engage with the dance of life, animate your soul, and partner with the undulating cadence of the world around you. Activate the cards to bring mindfulness and loving awareness to your entire body, and ask for insight into situations, challenges and relationships, or for general guidance. Each card message includes a simple exercise to help you harmonize with the healing, grace and beauty of the cosmic dance.

Set includes 44 Cards and 148-page guidebook.

  • Boxed set measures 5" x 6.75"
  • 44 cards measure 3.75" x 5.5"
  • Guidebook

Sedona Soulfire & Tess Whitehurst

"I hold the vision that every human on planet Earth know the truth of their sacred soul essence and walk through this world in trust, love and confidence, aware of our interconnectedness, holding reverence for all of life." -Sedona Soulfire
"If you wait until you're perfect before you work your magic to create positive change in the world, you'll be waiting the rest of your life"

Elinore Eaton

Elinore Eaton is a focused and passionate illustrator and designer based out of Portland, Oregon.

Elinore is the illustrator of the 44-card oracle, Cosmic Dancer. She is currently creating work inspired by the occult, fairytales, nature, fantasy, yoga, meditation, and magic. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and a creative in the garden and kitchen, and is particularly focused on expanding work into product, branding, book covers, editorial and game art. Her illustration work explores storytelling, folklore, and new perspectives on universal truths. Elinore uses concept, mood, and symbolism to evoke awe and wonder and the layered meaning, emotion, and spiritual metaphor in her art inspires deep inner reflection. She often blends media both traditional and digital for a seamless magical result. Elinore Eaton has been a professional illustrator and designer since 2009, with a BFA from San Francisco State and studies at the California College of the Arts as well as Miami Ad School, and years of self-taught disciplines.