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Blue Bird Lenormand

Original Price $14.00
Current Price $13.30
The Blue Bird Lenormand deck has an updated design with elegant, classic artwork. The 38-card deck now has extra Gentleman and Lady cards. It features playing card inserts and verses by Stuart Kaplan to assist the reader in interpreting the card meanings. The 40-page instruction booklet includes a brief biography of Mlle. Lenormand and card meanings.
  •  US Games 
  • Size 38 cards, 2.375” x 3.5”
  • Language EN
  • Author Stuart Kaplan

Stuart R. Kaplan

A destined visit to the Nuremberg Toy fair in Germany created one of the most influential icons in the world of the Tarot. Stuart R. Kaplan’s intrigue with the artwork of the Rider-Waite deck compelled him to bring back a sample to the United States in 1968. At the time Stuart was working on Wall Street but soon started to import the Rider-Waite Deck to the US realizing there was a demand. When he understood the potential and tremendous contribution of the Tarot he decided to leave Wall Street and start his own business U.S. Games Systems. His dedication to education led him to write one of the most extensive bodies of work on the Tarot, “The Encyclopedia of the Tarot” (Volume I-IV) which describes and illustrates more than 1,000 different Tarot decks from the 15th century to the present. “The Encyclopedia of the Tarot” has become the most influential collection of books for Tarot history and research.