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Blue Angel Oracle - New Earth Edition

Journey with Archangel Michael to discover pathways of light and tap into the sacred space in your heart. Awaken to a collaboration between you and the creative force of the Universe with the Blue Angel Oracle - New Earth Edition. Forty-five captivating cards and a color-filled guidebook open up new possibilities and invite profound insight. Let the ethereal and familiar messages of the Oracle dispel your questions and doubts and help you stretch past your limits and believe in the power of the unknown.
Toni Carmine Salerno

Described as earthly and ethereal, nuanced and wholeheartedly inspiring, the works of Toni Carmine Salerno have blessed souls across the globe.

An artist, a poet and a dreamer, Toni opened a gallery and natural healing centre with his wife Martine in 1997. The Blue Angel Bookshop evolved into Blue Angel Publishing in 2001, further embodying Toni’s vision of touching hearts and illuminating minds.

As well as authoring and illustrating many successful books, oracle sets, journals and meditations, Toni continues to support like-spirited writers, artists, musicians, designers and editors. Blue Angel Publishing has brought together hundreds of enlightening products that are available in many languages across our beautiful planet.

Peaceful, loving and healing, Toni’s work guides us back to our centre, where we can discover the limitless wisdom and creativity that he believes is within us all. Toni says there is no singular meaning to any of his artworks. They are beyond words and understanding, just as there is nothing to understand when you observe the simple miracle of a beautiful flower.

His art and prose may trigger something in you that is beyond thinking. If it does, that something is most probably love.

Toni lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he continues to paint, write, mentor and be led to new creative ventures.