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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer

Amor et Psyche Oracle

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These beautiful oracle cards invite us to use our mind, our site ,our reason, our psyche to explore and indulge in a life well lived - a live lived in love; The greatest feeling, the greatest stage of being, the highest light of human experience.

This deck consists of Thirty cards and a 127 page booklet. The cards are divided into three series. Cards 1-10 explore "blossoming feelings" or young love. Cards 11-20 explore "The experience of love" diving deeper into the feeling whether romantic or erotic. Cards 21-30 indulge in love in Full Bloom"- the full culmination of the loving experience.

Contains explicit content suitable for adults only.

  •   Lo Scarabeo 
  • 30 cards measure 3 1/2" X 5"
  • 127 page booklet
  • 2 part keepsake box

Georges Barrier

George barbier (Georges Augustin Barbier, October 16, 1882 - March 16, 1932, Nantes) was one of the famous French illustrators of the early 20th century, who worked in the Art Nouveau style.

A very versatile artist, Georges Barbier has always been associated with fashion and design. He created book illustrations, sketches for fashionable fabrics and wallpapers, designed costumes for cinema and theater, including Sergei Dyagilev, and did not go past jewelry design. And the artist became famous for his art deco illustrations advertising models of famous Parisian couturiers. It was the Barbier drawings with dogs, gazelles and panthers that inspired the masters of the jewelry house of Cartier, and the famous “Lady with the Panther” became in 1914 the “face” of this company's advertising company. Barbier style formed under the influence of creativity Aubrey Beardsleyand his color solutions are often compared to works. Leona baksta.


Artist Georges Barbier