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1858 Samuel Hart Poker Deck

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A Wonderful reproduction of an 1858 playing card deck by Samuel Hart & Co.  During this time the American West was booming and Denver was in the middle of a massive gold rush. These cards would have been found is saloons and and gaming halls across America where many fortunes ware made and lost.

As well, These cards would have been a handy tool for Cartomancers and those looking to divine their fortunes and future. The full-length court figures make for enhanced upright or reversed readings and are reminiscent of earlier Marseilles court cards. The cards come with Square corners and feature a huntress peering across the landscape on the back of the cards.

  • 52 cards plus a conventional extra Ace of Spades and two information cards
  • Poker Size 2.5" X 3.5"
  • cards are brand new and sealed in cello wrap but the outer box is not sealed and may show light wear.