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The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination

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The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination is a collaged full-color deck illustrated with the visionary art of Willian Blake – The mystical painter, Poet, mythologizer, and proto—psychologist. This 79-card deck presents Blake’s central thesis that human creative imagination is the divine aspect of mankind. In this pocket gallery, Blake’s ideas and images become symbolic tools for answering imaginative, spiritual, and personal questions. Unlike textbooks and critical studies, this Tarot deck presents Blake’s astounding ideas and images in a manner that is approachable and entertaining.

The William Blake Tarot consists of 23 archetypical cards called Triumphs, plus a set of 56 Creative Process cards in four suites names Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry – these represent what Blake called the four primal expressions of the divine imagination.

  • 3ed Edition "Illuminated version"
  • 79 cards Measure 3.5" X 5.25
  • Gold Gilded Card Edges
  • Magnetic closure box Measures 3 7/8" x 5 1/2 x 2"
  • 96 page Color Book included in Box.  Full Book for extended Studies available for download online
  • Created by Ed Buryn

Ed Buryn is a retired author, professional photographer, publisher, and editor. Currently he is an online bookseller and performing poet. Ed has lived in Northern California for many years.


00 - The Eternity Card

The Eternity card has no equivalent in other Tarot decks. Its dual numberation (double-zero or infinity) indicates that it transcends numbers. This image is from the painting called Jacob's Dream, based on the book of Genesis, showing Jacob and his ladder to heaven. In Blake's myth, this is Albion asleep on the Rock of Ages. His Zoas have divided, and he lies stricken in spiritual limbo.

Albion represents our own sleeping consciousness, dreaming eternity as our ultimate potential. Albion remains asleep throughout the soul's journey, unable to awaken until his divided soul is regenerated and his Zoas, the "four faces of man," are reunited. However, his vision of eternity is very much alive in his dream — and Albion's vision is what this card is about.