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One free Tarot Bag with each order.
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One free Tarot Bag with each order.
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The Tarot of Light and Shadow

Original Price $44.95
Current Price $42.70

The innovative Tarot of Light and Shadow kit contains two beautiful decks from creators  John Matthews and Andrea Aste. The  Decks are designed to be used together for a double deck reading. Each pair of cards in the "twin" decks are similar but slightly different and this mirrors how we perceive things differently in the daylight and at twilight. This duality prompts us to explore both sides of the question and answers we seek.  John Matthews offers several suggestions for working with the double deck in the excellent guidebook.  Many tarot enthusiasts are already experimenting with multiple decks and will want to try new and interesting techniques with this pair of ground-breaking decks specifically designed to be used together.


  • Two decks 79 cards Each (each deck has one extra cosmic mirror card)
  • High Quality Card Stock
  • Cards Measure approximately 2.5" X 4.5"
  • Minor Arcana Pip Cards
  • 160 Page color Guide book
  • Hard Cover Box 2.1" H x 6.9" L x 5.1" W

John Matthews

John Matthews is the New York Times bestselling author of several successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs - including the Arthurian Tarot (with Caitlin Matthews), the Wildwood Tarot (with Mark Ryan) and the Byzantine Tarot (with Cilla Conway).

Andrea Aste

“…an eternal explorer sailing back and forth across an ocean of creativity to new lands of discovery” is how Andrea Aste, the artist philosopher, describes himself. A navigator from painting to poetry, animation to film, or novels to theatre; A true Renaissance man. His projects include collaborations with photographers, stage directors, graphic designers, architects and art directors on an international level. His works has been exhibited at Venice Biennale and various museums and institutions

Andrea Aste in his Parallel World, by photographer Kevin Moore