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The Harmony Tarot


Inspired by her affinity for nature, internationally popular millennial witch Harmony Nice created this tarot deck as a spiritual tool to provide guidance, encouragement and inspiration for personal growth and healing. The Major Arcana in this unique Wiccan deck are represented by elements from both the natural and the magical realms. The botanically inspired Minor Arcana also follows themes of nature, with each suit associated with a season. The 160-page guidebook includes tarot meanings as well as instructions on how to read your cards for insight and help in achieving personal goals.


  •  78 cards measure 2.75" x 4.75"
  • 160 Page Guidebook
  • Creator Harmony Nice


Harmony started her YouTube channel in 2013, originally creating beauty related videos. However, she soon discovered that people were interested in her life as a Wiccan and began to talk about her faith in order to interest and educate viewers in Wicca, magick, divination & spirituality. Viewers seemed to be interested in discussing and learning about Wicca and a community of followers for her channel began to grow. Four years later Harmony's channel has grown to 560,000+ subscribers and she has a successful Instagram page with 370,000+ followers


She continues to follow the Green Wiccan path and to teach wicca on her channel, as well as creating videos about spell work, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, hair and make-up. Harmony has written her first book as a guide to being a modern wiccan, overcoming obstacles and embracing the opportunities that 21st century life might throw at a practising wiccan and emphasising the ethical and nature-based fundamentals behind the faith.