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Tarocco Napoleonico Milano 1809


 The Il Meneghello Napoleonic Tarot is a one-of-a-kind reproduction of a rare deck from 1809 that pays homage to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814). This 2023 limited edition deck was created from an original print proof, before the addition of the maker's insignia. THis printing is from 2023 and limited to 1,000 decks.

In 1805, the state-owned Playing Card Factory (Regia Fabbrica) was established in Vaprio after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy. In 1809, it was moved to Milan and placed under the direction of the young Ferdinando Gumppenberg, who had just arrived from Germany.  The back of the deck is also one-of-a-kind, unmarked, and has a distinct pink hue.


  • 2023 Limite Edition of 1,000.  the number from the edition will be revealed when opening the sealed package.
  • 78 Matt-finished cards with square corners measure approximately 2" X 4"
  • 2 part-box affixed with sun card with the famous Il Meneghello wax seal
  • Only sealed decks are eligible for return.