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One free Tarot Bag with each order.
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Tarocco Marsiglia Svizzero 1804


In a word of Photoshoped perfection Il Menegenllo offers an alternative aesthetic.   The charm of the stunning Tarocco Marsiglia Svizzero lies in Il Menegenllo’s steadfast commitment recreate this historic deck with all of its quirks, foibles and imperfections intact.  This allows us to hold a piece of history in our hands and experience the deck and it would have been experienced over two centuries ago.    The exact origins of the deck remain an enigma.  Fans of Marseille style decks will delight in unravelling its mysterious origins and place in Tarot evolution.  Remaining true to the original surviving deck subtle “ghost” overlays may be discovered in several cards.  In addition the Cavallier de Denier is mislabeled as Cavallier de Coupe.

2021 Limited Edition of 1,500 decks.  - Decks are delivered sealed. The edition will be revealed upon opening the deck.  


  • Name: Tarocco Marsiglia Svizzero 
  • Alternative Names: Marseille Swiss by Jean Proche 
  • Publisher: il Meneghello 2021 edition of 1,500
  • Deck Type: Tarot Deck
  • Cards: 78 in a matt finish
  • Card Dimensions: approximately 4.2” X 2.5”
  • Card Back: Reversible