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"Tarocchino" Bolognese

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The Bolognese style deck is one of the oldest decks in continual use. The oldest surviving uncut sheets, dating from the late 15th or early 16th century, are held in the Rothschild Collection in the Louvre and in the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. The title "tarocchino" or "little tarot" refers to the 62-card structure which is smaller than a standard Tarot deck. This fine deck is a reproduction of the famous Tarocchino Bolognese created by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli around 1660. Mitelli reinterpreted the cards adding rich details in both the trump and the suited cards of coins, cups, wands and swords. The illustrations of the trumps and the suits omit titles and are traditionally recognized by their iconography rather than titles or numbers. This deck was printed in a 2017 limited edition of 1,000 decks by IL Meneghello. The edition from the printing will be revealed when opening the sealed package. The deck comes in a sturdy 2 part box with the Il Mneghello wax seal.

  • Il Meneghello: Publisher.
  • B&W engravings on uncoated, textured cardstock 
  • Card Size: approximately  2 1/8  W x 5.5" L
  • Card Backs: plain
  • 62 Cards, omitting numeral cards 2-5, leaving 24 pip cards, 16 court cards and 22 trumps in a somewhat different sequence to other tarots.
  • Each deck is new and sealed
  • comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity card and the creator's wax seal on the box