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Tarocchi del Mantegna

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The Tarocchi del Mantegna, created at dawn of the renaissance, depicts an ordered, philosophical system traversing the human, Scientific, Spiritual, Astral and Esoteric knowledge that humanity had achieved in the fifteenth century.  The Magenta cards diverge quite a bit from a standard “Tarot” and challenge us with an alternative system.  Here there are 50 cards, divided into 5 series of 10 each (the ranks of society, Apollo and the muses, the arts and sciences, the virtues, and the celestial spheres) Readers will enjoy discovering how these universal symbols and archetypes both parallel and diverge from a “typical” Tarot deck. 

This listing is for a collectible limited-edition printing of 1,000 decks released by Il Meneghello in 2017.  Each deck comes sealed in a handmade 2-piece storage box with the famous Il Meneghello wax seal.  The tidal card inside the box will reveal the specific deck number form this edition.   Cristina Dorsini’s book “Mantegna Tarot” covering the history of the deck and a details analysis of each card is included. 

  • Tarocchi del Mantegna
  • Limited, Numbered Black&White  Edition of 1000 Published by il Meneghello, 2017.
  • high quality printing on uncoated, matte cardstock. Approximately 3 3/4 wide, by 6.5 inches high
  • 50 Engravings from the Mantegna's school, 1470
  • 130 page Guidebook by Cristina Dorsini