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Major Arcana by Roberta Musi


The Gli Arcana Maggiori Di Roberta Musi is a beautiful Major Arcana deck designed by the contemporary artist Roberta Musi. Musi was inspired by the idea of life and the connection with the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The main character of these cards is an asexual and faceless entity who represents humankind exploring self-awareness. The Large Cards measure approximately 4" x 6.25  This exceptional edition was printed by Il Meneghelo in a special limited edition of only 150 decks in 2018. The Specific deck number will be revealed when opening the sealed deck.



Roberta Musi

Roberta Musi was born in Parma, where she attended the Paolo Toschi Art Institute, under the guidance of professors Vernizzi, Antonelli and Baragatti. She dedicated herself to painting, ceramics and engraving. Musi works with different materials including wood, canvas, glass, ceramic, plexiglas, print etchings, drypoint and murals. She has a passion for painting horses. She is inspired by the movement of racing cyclists and rhythmic gymnastics.