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Tarot Level 1 - Intuitive Tarot: Awakening Your Inner Oracle

Unleash your inner intuition with our transformative workshop on the mystic art of intuitive Tarot reading. Through powerful techniques and practices, you'll strengthen your connection with the Tarot and your inner self, tapping into the wisdom of your third eye and activating your pineal gland to deepen your intuitive powers. Join us now for an inspiring session of self-discovery and growth!

Workshop Outline
  1. Introduction to Intuitive Tarot
  • Understanding the basics of Tarot
  • Differentiating between traditional and intuitive reading approaches
  • The role of the third eye and pineal gland in intuitive practices
  1. Relaxation Techniques for Clarity
  • Exercises to calm the mind and body
  • Creating a serene environment conducive to intuitive work
  1. Daily Draw Ritual
  • Incorporating Tarot into daily routines
  • Reflecting on daily card symbolism and personal insights
  1. Meditations for Third Eye Awakening
  • Guided meditation to activate the pineal gland
  • Techniques to maintain an intuitive mindset
  1. Unlocking The Power Of Symbology
  • Interpretation of symbols and imagery on Tarot cards
  • Cultivating a personal lexicon of Tarot symbolism
  1. Card Positions and Relationships
  • Understanding the significance of card placements
  • Learning to read the story in the spread and inter-card relationships
  1. Trusting Your Inner Voice
  • Learning to recognize and trust your intuition
  • Practical exercises to differentiate between intuition and conscious reasoning
Class Materials
  • Bring a paper, pen or pencil, and a Tarot deck. Any deck you choose is welcome!
  • Class workbook provided by Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

Jenn’s approach is grounded in meditation, energy work, affirmations, and intention setting. She believes that by taking an inward journey, we can start to shift our external reality and manifest the life of our dreams. Jenn has also been a featured speaker at various conferences and events. In 2012 she presented at the Conference on Current Pagan Studies in Claremont CA, and she continues to present at other events in the area. She is deeply committed to helping her students open their hearts and minds to the truth of who they really are, and what their lives can be about. Jenn works with individuals in both one-on-one sessions and group settings. Her services include Life Coaching, Tarot reading, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation Instruction, and Wicca.