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Free Tarot Bag With Every Order. Add Any Item To Cart To Activate Offer

Iconic Tarot Decks: The History, Symbolism and Design of Over 50 Decks

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Not sure which Tarot Deck is right for you ? Iconic Tarot Decks is a great book for those looking to get aquatinted with 56 of the most Iconic Decks. Each Deck is introduced with powerful stories of how each was devised and designed and showcases their most exemplary cards. Also includes an introduction to reading tarot and useful tips on deciphering the cards – this is the perfect book for collectors, cartomancers, designers, tattoo artists and anyone interested in the art and mystery of tarot.

  • Full Color Hardback book
  • 224 pages
  • 1.02" H x 9.53" L x 7.8" W
Table of Contents

How to Use the Tarot
The History of Tarot


I. Influential Decks


Le Tarot de Marseille
The Book of Thoth Etteilla Tarot
The Crowley Thoth Tarot

II. Beginner's Divination Decks

The Aquarian Tarot
The Classic Tarot
Universal Tarot
The Mystical Tarot
The Enchanted Tarot
Crystal Visions
Paulina Tarot
The Good Tarot
The Golden Tarot

III. Art and Collector's Decks

The Golden Tarot of the Renaissance
Mantegna Tarocchi
Minchiate Etruria (Anima Antiqua)
Mitelli Tarocchino
Le Tarot de Paris
Tarocchi Fine dalla Torre
The 1JJ Swiss Tarot
Le Tarot Astrologique
John Bauer Tarot
Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights
Crystal Tarot
The Dali Universal Tarot
The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Golden Tarot of Klimt
Deviant Moon Tarot
Lost Code of Tarot
Prisma Visions
Tarot Noir
The Guilded Tarot Royale

IV. Esoteric and Occult Decks

Sola Busca Tarot
Oswald Wirth Tarot
The English Magic Tarot
The Alchemical Tarot Renewed
The Hermetic Tarot
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
Tarot Illuminati
Via Tarot
Splendor Solis Tarot
Cosmic Tarot
Tarot of the Holy light
Rosetta Tarot

V. Contemporary Decks

Dreams of Gaia
Bianco Nero Tarot
Tarot of the New Vision
Nefertari's Tarot
Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot
Book of Azathoth
Shadow Scapes Tarot
Vision Quest Tarot
Golden Thread Tarot
The Goddess Tarot