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I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta


I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta is a rare and beautiful historic deck with whimsical touches. It's one of the few pre-RWS Tarots whose pip cards of Chalices, Swords, Wands, and Denari are mostly illustrated. This along with the keyword on the top of each card (in Italian) and subtle details help illuminate the cards meaning. This historically important deck known by various names (I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta, Tarot of the Master, Tarocchi del Maestro, The Vacchetta Tarot) , was originally printed from engravings created b y Giovanni Vacchetta in Turin, Italy in 1893. This limited edition reproduction of 1,500 decks was created by by Il Meneghello in 2019.  The 78 matte finish cards are finished in a watercolor palette that includes vivid blues, reds, greens, and yellows. The decks are new and unopened.  The specific deck number from the edition is unknown and we be revealed when unboxing the deck.


  • Name: I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta
  • Alternative Names: Tarot of the Master, Tarocchi del Maestro, The Vacchetta Tarot
  • Publisher: il Meneghello 2019 edition of 1,500
  • Deck Type: Tarot Deck
  • Cards: 78 in a matt finish
  • Card Dimensions: 2 7/16" x 4 3/4"
  • Card Back: Reversible